2019-12-16 11:03:50


U-shaped canal mould is called in many engineering drawings. The application of prefabricated U-shaped canal mould is very wide. In the construction of highway, canal, ditch, railway and other projects, prefabricated U-shaped canal mould is one of the indispensable moulds. In general, U-shaped channel mould is made of steel plate, and the thickness of steel plate is selected according to the size of U-shaped channel mould, ranging from 3 to 10 thicknesses. The thickness of rib plate is also larger than that of panel. The detail drawing of prefabricated U-shaped channel mold comes from the drawing design of professionals of the construction company, and it shows the length, width, height, wall thickness and all data of the mold at a glance.


The construction method of U-shaped channel mold, considering the specific situation of the subgrade design, comes to a more reasonable construction plan, especially before we make a comprehensive test of the natural environment, mainly the impact of the meteorological conditions along the line on the road, in the rainy season when there are more free drainage and organization of drainage can be combined to ensure the drainage of the side ditch Smoothness, to ensure that the road subgrade in a relatively good state. First determine the appropriate location, and then use a small excavator to excavate the approximate contour. After that, we will arrange some details manually, such as the angle of the ditch and the arrangement of the surrounding environment. After that, the prefabricated parts produced by the concrete U-shaped channel mould shall be laid on it. If the channel is too deep, it shall be filled with soil in time. Then go and put the U-shaped canals on it in order. The joint shall be filled and sealed with cement. The precast block produced by U-shaped concrete channel mould has the same size, can adapt to the application of various environments, and the surface is smooth without abnormal depression and protrusion. If it is used for park construction, it has good sealing performance, and there will be no leakage of water resources.